Common Core Integration

This plug-in integrates Common Core learning objectives directly into the LMS. Instructors attach Learning Objectives to courses similar to using the Learning Outcomes feature in the open-source LMS. However, this plug-in extends that function to all the resources within in the course as well as individual assessment items. This gives the instructor unparalleled insight to what is working in their course and what isn’t. By using the plug-in architecture rather than altering the core LMS application, traditional grade based reporting is still maintained by the LMS application. This also allows the district to report student performance in the context of common core objectives or traditional grade based reporting.


Professional Development Tracking Tool

This plug-in allows employees to set and track professional development goals. Using a time-based, goal/task metaphor, the application periodically sends reminders to the employee of an approaching deadline.

Competency Model Support

Many organizations are adopting competency models to help define workplace culture and employee expectations. Courses in the organizational training library are tagged with these competencies in order to help identify and prescribe training for the organization. When used with the Employee Assessment plug-in, this provides a powerful Return on Investment mechanism that holds the training accountable. Performance data, in the form of employee assessments, shows whether or not a course is having the desired effect on staff performance.

Employee Assessments

This plug-in is in development. It works in conjunction with the corporate competency model to complete the training feedback loop. Employee Assessments are developed using the organizational competency model. The system then suggests courses from the organizational training library to address areas in need of growth, essentially providing the employee with a personalized professional development plan for the coming period.