One of the unique features of our Learning Management Service is the Performance Objectives Database that provides our LMS with an integrated instructional design framework. Each course is defined by a set of performance objectives. Then, each educational resource and assessment mechanism in the course is assigned to one or more of the course objectives. This provides the trainer/instructor with unparalleled performance data in the context of the stated outcomes. This key feature also provides valuable Return on Investment information. These objectives, and the resources associated with them, are then stored in a database that can then be re-used for other courses. As the catalog of training courses grows, so does the objectives database saving course designers time and allowing for the rapid development of courses. This option is only available with our Dedicated LMS Hosted Program.

Learning Management Systems – Features

  • Enterprise-wide Collaborative Development Environment
  • Integrated Instructional Design Framework
  • K-12 Common Core Integration
  • Performance Objectives Database
  • Competency Model Support
  • Professional Development Tracking Tool
  • Employee Assessments
  • HRIS Reports
  • Export to Client HRIS